Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about dispatch and delivery conditions?
You can find information regarding dispatch and delivery in our Customer Service page.
Where can I find information on your returns and replacements policy?
You can find information regarding dispatch and delivery in our Customer Service page.
Will the information I enter on this site be kept safe?
Our webstore is located on a well known e-commerce platform provided by Magento which enables PCI compliance for data security. To learn more about PCI compliance, visit
Please visit our Privacy Policy page for other details.
Our webstore accepts payments via PayPal which is the most well-known online payment system that is used by millions of people. When you place your order you are redirected to PayPal's website securely and the rest of the payment procedure happens in PayPal's secure servers. After PayPal authorises your payment your order gets completed. PayPal secures the payment information you enter. Neither we store any credit/debit card details or bank account information in our system, nor PayPal shares the payment sensitive information with us.
You can find additional information regarding privacy and security matters in our Customer Service page.
How can I place an order?
Placing an order is quite easy.
  1. First of all, we recommend you to register with our website which will open a user account for you. Registration is totally free and will save you time during checkout, future purchases, order tracking, etc.
  2. While browsing our products, you can click on "Add to Basket" button to add the product you are viewing in your Shopping Basket. This will take you to the Shopping Basket page immediately. If you wish to continue shopping for more products, you can do so by clicking a category on the menu bar.
  3. While you are at the Shopping Basket page, you can apply a coupon code which will automatically update the information (amounts, etc.).
  4. You can also get a quote for delivery after entering your postcode and clicking on "Get a Quote" button. After choosing your delivery option, you can hit the "Update Total" button which will update the total amount displayed. If you do not choose a payment option at this stage you will be asked to choose one at a later stage during checkout.
  5. When you are happy with your selection, you can proceed with Checkout by clicking the "Proceed to Checkout" button. This will take you to our checkout page.
  6. The checkout page lets you to checkout as a guest or if you already have an account you can quickly log in and most of your information will automatically be populated.
  7. The first step at checkout requires you to enter billing information. Here, you need to enter an address for billing. You can choose your order to be delivered to the same address or another option is the delivery of your order to another address. You can proceed to the next step by clicking "Continue" button.
  8. Based on your choice in the previous step, you may be taken to the step where you need to enter a separate delivery address or this step may be skipped if your billing and delivery addresses are the same. You can proceed to the next step by clicking "Continue" button.
  9. At the next step, you need to choose a delivery method. If you have already selected a delivery method when you were at the shopping basket, you can change it here. In case there is only one delivery method, the available option will be displayed here. You can proceed to the next step by clicking "Continue" button.
  10. Now, you need to choose a payment method. Currently, we only accept payments via PayPal. This will let you to pay by credit/debit card over PayPal or use your PayPal balance to pay. You can proceed to the next step by clicking "Continue" button.
  11. As the last step, you need to review your order and when you are happy you can click "Place Order" to place your order. Based on the payment method selected, you may be taken to the PayPal's secure website. You will be prompted to make a payment with a couple of steps. If you have a PayPal account, you can login and proceed with the payment. Otherwise, you can click on the option "Pay with a debit or credit card" which will let you enter your credit/debit card details. Click "Continue" to proceed and follow the steps prompted by the secure PayPal system. After completion of the payment procedure, you will either be automatically navigated back to our webstore or a link will be provided so that you can click to do so. Whence the payment is completed, your order will have been placed.
What happens after I place an order?
Whence you place your order, a webstore order number will be assigned and an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided during checkout. The e-mail will include the details about your order and may take up to a couple of hours to be delivered into your inbox.
After we receive your order, we will dispatch it as explained in our Customer Service page. Your item will be either dispatched via Royal Mail or by a trustable fulfillment service, e.g. Amazon.
After your item is dispatched, you will be sent an e-mail which confirms the shipment. You may receive additional e-mails from our fulfillment channel if we use one.
We expect your order be delivered in fair time as explained in our Customer Service page.
In case you have problems at any stage, you can contact us using this form.
How can I track my order?
If you have a user account and placed your order while you were logged in with your account, you can track your order by logging in your account and clicking on the corresponding menu item on the left menu.
If you have placed your order as a guest (even you have a user account), you can click on the Orders and returns link at the bottom of our webstore pages. This will take you a page where you will be asked to enter certain details regarding your order. After entering the information correctly and clicking "Continue" you will be directed to a page displaying your order details.
What should I take into consideration when selecting one of your products?
All of our products are produced with high quality elements following Bouletta Quality guidelines. However, there are certain things you need to consider when choosing one of our products:
  • Leather is a natural product. Images shown are representative; slight colour variations are possible.
  • White handsets can be marked by abrasion by some dyes that are used to colour the leather. We would recommend light case colours if you have a handset with a light colour, e.g. white.
  • Make sure the item you are ordering is compatible with the device you are purchasing the item for. The compatible device(s) for a product is clearly displayed in the product name and/or at the Additional Information tab at the product page.
  • Some design patterns we use on leather, e.g. Antic, might have slight markings. This is a characteristic of this pattern and provides uniqueness of your product as it's like fingerprints. This markings are not deemed as faults rather provides authentic feeling for your leather product.
Why cannot I see VAT in prices?
We are not currently registered with VAT. Therefore, we do not apply VAT on top of our prices. This also means that if you are purchasing for business, there is no VAT you can claim. This practice is legal and if you wish to discuss, please contact us.
How can I contact Bouletta?
You can find a Contact Us link at the bottom of almost all pages of our webstore. Clicking on this link will take to our Contact Us page where you can find a form to contact us.
Alternatively, if you wish to contact us in writing, please write to: 1 Sopwith Way Addlestone KT15 2FT UNITED KINGDOM